whole of self results

Your Whole of Self Genius Score


18 – 36

Your life, right now, is most likely nowhere near where you would like it to be. You may even be at the point of throwing in the towel. It is all too hard!! Things just haven’t gone your way, and everyone can appear to be against you – particularly your biggest critic – you.

Please know, anything is possible when you decide to re-connect with your Born and Unique Genius. With the tiny bit of resolve you have left, know you are not on your own and when you decide to – anything is possible. Come on!

37 – 54

Life is beige, benign and boring, with the occasional tid bit of colour thrown in. You are possibly living an automatic life, where all is predictable, all is pretty safe and you run mostly on auto pilot.

But somewhere in your deepest places and quietest moments there is a yearning to make it so much more. And then the BUT comes in. But it is too hard, but what would people think, but what if it fails etc etc.

Listen to the piece that demands this is not good enough and consider what would life be like if you gave it a good shot. You can always ask yourself this. What will my life be like if I don’t!!!

55 – 72

Life is doing OK, thank you very much – nothing to complain about really. A matter of fact, you are probably right now justifying all the pieces that make life better than just OK – the kids, the job, your friends, your house or car.

You’ve worked hard and made a decent go of what life has asked of you. You might even have “made it”, in the way society demands.

Yet, somewhere there is a pit of unfulfilled something. Questions like “there must be more to life than this” or “what does it all mean” can sometimes challenge the status quo. Consider, if you knew deeply who the best you truly is – your Born and Unique Genius – what could be possible?

73 – 90

Life is good, if not great. Most, if not every part of your life gets a big tick for success. You are genuinely one of the fortunate ones, and you deserve it. Life has been a rich experience (with the normal ups and downs), and right now, in most parts of it, you are bathing in your glory.

Well done. Now, in this magnificent place just remember what was required to get here, and really consider, where to from here. If life is about the journey, there is no time to become complacent about it. What now?