Born Genius

Your journey back to the source of true success

The complete practice for living a great life – Born Genius helps you re-connect back to your birthright, the place where anything is possible. In seven very accessible and easy to follow journeys, you will be guided to the place where you are able to live and sustain your best life.

“Finally we have a practical handbook for building a platform of sustainable and enduring success within our lives.”

Nicole Cody, Internationally Acclaimed Psychic, Channel and Metaphysical Teacher

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The Born Genius – Hard copy $A29.95 plus $A8 P&H


The Born Genius Map – laminated

Full Colour A3 Version $A24.95 plus $12 P&H

Buy the largest version of the map available and use it in workshops or presentation. Have it on your boardroom wall or use it in your house as a BIG reminder of your Born and Unique Genius components.


Full Colour A4 Version $A4.95 plus $A4 P&H

Buy the A4 version of the Born Genius Map laminated and put it on your wall, in your diary, on the fridge, to ensure you are focused on aligning and living your Born and Unique Genius every day.


Block of 6 Full Colour wallet size $A 4.95 + $A4 P&H

Buy the block of 6 and put them n your diary your wallet, on the mirror in the bathroom, on your lap- top or anywhere, where you only have a small space.



Secrets of Great Success Coaches Exposed

$A32.95 plus $A8 P&H

The people in this book (including Peter Barr) have helped millions worldwide to achieve greater levels of personal and career success. Now, you can get up-close and personal to discover the wisdom and experience that others pay thousands to learn. If any area of your life needs some minor adjustment, or if you’re wanting a complete lifestyle overhaul, this is the book for you!”

Download extract here (pdf 766kb)

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