BORN GENIUS – an introduction

Have you had a gutful of the benign, beige and boring theories the world has to offer? If you are anything like me and the thousands of people I have shared my thoughts and passions with during my journey, you’re sick of the quick fix, the sugar highs that lead to even lower lows, and the addictions that are insatiable.

Despite all the theories, all the writing on individual power, all the self-help books and gurus, the endless messages about self-empowerment and positive affirmation, we haven’t had one complete and simple theory and practice that gives us everything we need to live a deeply meaningful and richly satisfying life. Now, maybe we do.

Born Genius has the potential to give you real solutions that work to make your life whole, successful and happy. It considers the spiritual realm, summarises our human experience (warts and all), provides a clear path to whatever you desire and shows you how to get there. And it shows you how to sustain these changes long into the future.

Whether you are searching for a grounded way to set and achieve real and powerful goals or, at the other end of the spectrum, looking for a way to live an enlightened and spiritual life, or anything in between these two extremes, then Born Genius may shed some light.

Born Genius exposes the ‘you’ who makes excuses, underutilises your potential and hides from anything that could expose you as a phony or a fake, yet at the same time fights to stay safe and protected. No more excuses. It’s time to get real and begin to bathe in life.

I have structured Born Genius as a journey in six chapters. Each chapter is an important journey in itself, building on the adventures and learnings from the one before. Within each of the six ‘sub-journeys’, I have created steps that draw you onward and make the trip a little easier.

Here is a brief taste of the journeys ahead.

Chapter 1

The journey of awakening

If you are challenged by the word ‘genius’ and the possibility it holds for you, approach this journey with deep scepticism and a challenging mind. Frankly, if you don’t, you may be doing yourself a disservice.

Step 1 of the journey of awakening gives you the logical information to help you get your head around the facts about genius. Our rational brain needs this information to begin owning any new concept or learning. I needed it. Everyone I have worked with has.

We look at definitions from reputable sources; quotes, facts and wisdom from some of the best-known and most respected geniuses. We consider the scientific research that dispels the mystique of genius and discover what some of history’s outstanding figures actually did to become known as geniuses. Some may find this step a little long and detailed (others may need all the facts). If that’s you, feel free to jump this step and move on to step 2.

Armed with the rational, step 2 invites you to fully embrace the power of Born Genius and what is possible when you become aligned with your own unique genius. I introduce the core concept of the book, which is supported and validated with a map and a formula to ensure you have all the tools for the journeys ahead.

Chapter 2

The journey of discovery

Now begins the real work – applying it to you. Not someone else’s version and experience of life, but your own! You can design, build and own the core elements of your own unique genius.

In so doing, you begin to see all the pieces of the Born Genius puzzle and how they may fit together for you.

Chapter 3

The journey of alignment

With all the pieces from the journey of discovery in hand, head, heart and soul, you now learn how to connect the pieces and distil them in a way that is compellingly exciting and real for you – creating your own unique genius.

To ensure the journey of alignment is more than just a process and a bunch of well-crafted words, I challenge every thought, belief and way of experiencing the world that has (up until now) sabotaged or completely stopped you from living aligned with your unique genius.

I take on a simple (but not necessarily easy) and truly accessible approach to owning and transforming your fears and negative mind-sets. You know them – the ones that keep you safe and protected, yet at the same time frustrated and scared.

With alignment almost complete, the third and final step in the journey of alignment is to take the key of Born Genius and access the treasure trove of possibility that lays waiting for you. It has always been there, dormant, like a desert seed awaiting the rain.

Chapter 4

The journey of expression

The journey of expression is purely about equipping you with a set of resources that show you how to express your unique genius every day and how to live fully engaged in the life you so richly deserve and deeply desire.

It is here that you create a plan and set goals that are an expression of your unique genius in the real world. This is essential if it is going to be more than just a concept on paper.

When you create goals from the Born Genius mind-set, they come from a pure place, which makes them so much more exciting and compelling.

Chapter 5

The journey of sustainability

With plan in hand, I provide the key recommendations that ensure you embed the great habits learned on your Born Genius journey. You also learn how to ward off any pitfalls that may come along and could, over time, create cracks in your unique genius armour.

This provides awareness: just like when you know there is a speed camera around the next corner, you can prepare yourself for what is coming and allow your unique genius to grow resilient and flourish!

Chapter 6

The journey of true success

You may ask, why create a whole journey around the concept of success? Isn’t it just the destination, when all is said and done? I believe not. I see it as a mind-set, an attitude and a preparedness to evolve and grow.

It is active, not passive. It demands you pick up your backpack and aim for horizons not yet seen, while at the same time encompassing stillness and reflection.

It is here you look at success and all of its parts – material, experiential, emotional, and spiritual – and how this is or is not reflected in what you have achieved in working through your own Born Genius journey.

This journey equips you with the capacity to be objective and realistic in the dreaded areas of failure and fear. These areas can be a success in themselves, if understood and applied.

I highlight the essential elements of review, acknowledgment and celebration and how to weave them into the process to ensure that your true success (in all its forms) is valued, not just passed by like a sign on the side of the road.

And last, you learn about evolution to new levels of success and how to seed these giants now. And what happens if you don’t!

At this point, you will have experienced the full Born Genius journey – in theory at least. You will know, own and have ‘tried on’ the best you – your unique genius.

You will fully appreciate why it is the cornerstone to your true success and ultimately you will choose to live it in every part of your life – consistently.

Again, I ask you to be sceptical. Please challenge yourself and be truthful to yourself as you engage in this work. You deserve that.

My hope is that you will open yourself up to the possibility that what you are about to experience could be the most significant opportunity you have ever had to be truly great in this world – if that is what you desire.

This happens when you decide that you sincerely wish to access your unique genius, your birth right. Buckminster Fuller’s words on the back cover of the book state:

‘Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them”.

So, if you are ready with your doubts and scepticism, prepare to undo what has de-geniused your world. Now you can genuinely awaken – to discover, align, live and sustain the deeply meaningful and richly satisfying life you were born to passionately experience.

So, let’s go!!