Born Genius was written to provide the world with a complete, real, relevant and accessible guide on how to re-connect with and live your greatest possible life – your Unique Genius (you were born with it).

Not one defined by today’s outlandish and hero based philosophies, where everyone is meant to save the world, but one where it is possible to be the absolute best you can be, where and how you choose.

The author, Peter Barr has been searching all his life for the richness life is ‘meant’ to provide, yet as most of us have found, the trappings and temptations of life had weaved him into their spell.

So, to blow the top off his own limitations and fears, he bit the bullet and spent the last 15 years sitting on the top of mountains, travelling to far flung places, asking the tough questions to everyone he meets, refining what matters to every person he has spoken to and coming to some pretty startling conclusions.

I am awestruck at the way this book so elegantly distils the essence of our born genius, but even more importantly, how succinctly it delivers a clear roadmap to a meaningful life.

Laurie Ward – Entrepreneur, Managing Director ClickConnect

Born Genius – your journey back to the source of true success, is the full expression of this search and these conclusions. It is not a normal book you will read from cover to cover.

It is not really a self help book where the writer espouses his or her ‘answer’ (you are the source of your own answers), It is not a workbook, where all you do is fill out forms (although there will be some of that).

It is a fully integrated book and website that supports you along the journey, providing you with a network and relationships that get where you are at and where you want to be.

What Peter has created is the richness of a trusting and objective relationship where sharing, empathy, truth and clear direction are paramount.

A book cannot achieve all of this, so to support you on your Born Genius Journey, this website fills the gaps a book cannot, including access to great resources, connection with real people (who are like minded) and the ability to contribute to the evolution of humanity with your own Unique Genius expression.