about Peter Barr

Peter Barr chooses to define himself firstly by his own born and unique genius – that being a loving connector and brave challenger of self and others, who seeks exploration, fun and truth in every moment.

Any other definition falls easily under this expansive truth for Peter.

But, for the record, Peter is the founder and visionary of Ingenius People (2001), a coaching and human development company that advocates the unique genius in every person and business.

He spent the first part of his 25 year career in the corporate and non-for-profit sectors, culminating in the role of Chief Executive Officer and National Finance Director of the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia.

His enthusiasm, passion and focus is to take individuals and businesses that are doing well and challenging them to truly excel, above and beyond their own current beliefs and in line with what they know somewhere in their absolute truth is possible – the full expression of their uniqueness in the world.

Peter has been a coach, trainer, mentor and speaker since 2001 and is one of only 12 Master Certified Coaches in Australasia.

He has over 7,000 hours of coaching experience, worked with in excess of 400 individuals and businesses and presented to about 10,000 people in workshops accross the world.

Peter is a qualified Master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Graduate in Positive Psychology and Authentic Happiness, a qualified fitness instructor and a lapsed Certified Practicing Accountant.

He is most importantly a father of three – Josie, Trin and Zander.